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Bowtech Bows

Bowtech Guardian

BowTech Bowshas made their mark on the archery industry over the past few years with bows that are not only tight but also quiet and almost shock free. 

The Bowtech Guardian was a brand new bow released by Bowtech in 2007. Completely redesigned to increase velocity, cut down noise and improve balance, the Bowtech Guardian was thought by many experts to be the best compound bow made in 2007 by Bowtech and possibly out of all the top line bow manufacturers. 

Let us take a close look at the BowTech “Guardian”, a bow that BowTech titles is intended to “cater the ultimate bow hunting experience mixing the values of Center Pivot and CenterTrac binary systems that provide superior comfort and performance”.

Bowtech Guardian has the following specifications: Brace height at 7-1/8 inches; Draw weight at 50, 60 and 70 pounds; # Draw Lengths: 25-30.5 inches; Axle to Axle at 33.75 inches; Mass Weight of 4.2lbs; Speed Mod IBO at 321-329fps; Kinetic Energy at 81.6 fpe and an Adjustable Letoff at 65-80%. 

The Bowtech Guardian is made a lot different than any other bow that you will have ever shot. Not only does the bow have parallel limbs, but also in the middle it has a limb type roller, which Bowtech call center pivot/riser technology. This allows the limb to flex and bend in the middle versus all through the limb. The center-limb bracing point, spreads load evenly, ridding of the typical “diving board” effect. 

The riser is made from forged Aluminum, which keeps the grain strength of the original alloy. There are no worries about a possible fracture from a inexpensive piece of aluminum here. The handle is a two piece wood handgrip. The Limbs are parallel and used something called Vertical Force Technology. Upon release of an arrow, the force is distributed evenly throughout the limb, which results in lower hand shock and vibration. The cams are the binary cams that Bowtech Bow is famous for. However, the cams on the Guardian are Centertrac Binary cams. This puts equal cable tension on both sides of the cam, placing the bowstring in the center track. This results in zero lean on your cam and greater consistency with your shots. 

You can attempt to formalise these statements as you position the Bowtech Guardian to the test.


Bowtech Destroyer 340

Bowtech has proceeded to research and form modern engineerings to make a new Bowtech bow model unique and more efficient. The 2010 Bowtech Destroyer conveys us another bow with entirely new technology. Here are just some highlights. The hardcore limb is a amply laminated limb that makes unbelievable speeds.

The Bowtech bow destroyer is available in 340 and 350 version. The Bowtech Destroyer 340 is rated at 340fps and the Destroyer 350 is rated at 350fps. Some will say this is nothing new, but you would be wrong. Never before has a bow returned this much swiftness and still had and still had a smooth draw. Not only are these bow fantastically fast they are also very quiet and shock free. The add on of the FLX Roller Guard, another industriousness first, means you have a bow that tunes very easily. Stop in and see why this is one of our hottest sellers.

The Destroyer 350 was not designed as a velocity bow. It was designed to be accurate, shock-free and easy to draw. It just happens to be fast in no time. This unbelievable balance is completed using three new technologies : HardCore Limbs, OverDrive Binary and FLX-Guard. While most bowmen are forced to sell shootability for fastness, the Destroyer legitimately forks over both and keeps the “dead in the script” shot characteristic that BowTech is known for.
The draw cycle of the Bowtech bow is really impressive and is smooth building up to top out with an outstanding valley and no hump and solid back wall. No cam thin or limb pitch as some would put it. The stroke was quiet and no hand shock absorber.

The Bowtech bow Destroyer comes with solid limbs that have a carbon core called “hard core” limbs. They are equipped with “overdrive” Binary program cams which have 100 % tuneable split bus cables attached to the ends of the axle. The axles are n’t put on with axle pins that go through the limb ; they ride on top of the limb.

The bow comes with a string stoper and a roller cable guard called FLX which actually bends as the bow is reaped triming down the amount of torque that gets transfered to the riser with a traditional roller guard. This impressive Bowtech Destroyer is a not bad reinforcement to treat yourself. So go ahead snap up one now and live this amazing Bowtech Destroyer.

Bowtech 2011 Bows

Before Bowtech discharged its 2011 Bowtech Bow lines I thought the world would never see better bows that could satisfy the most critical bowman in the world. But I could never be more wrong because the 2011 Bowtech bow lines are just just awesome and truly incredible at what they could volunteer whether on shooting gallery or in search scenes of action. The Bowtech bow 2011 roles model would not only blow your nouses you wouldnt be able to believe what the bows could do to change your game.

I purchased myself the Assassin 2011 and it made my strokes even more exact, faster and entirely smoother its truly an Assassin to have on your hands! Plus the Assassin is truly lightweight at 3.8 pounds which gives a truly unbelievable fastness of 333 federal protective services. How else could other bows beat that? I also love how there is completely no oscillation in the least after every liberation and it remains that way despite frequent freeings even at different standoff lengths.

I’m sure bowmen would find out those characteristics highly significant because any little oscillation changes the truth of strokes and the additional tension it goes forth your body gets found after the game so no oscillation is full news for archers. Bowtech has really trumped itself with its 2011 bow frameworks but because their new freeings are truly innovative and are truly made to match the desires of the archers. 
Its like their ears are glued to every wish of different types of archers that is why the Bowtech 2011 line up presents the best and most in tuned-to-the-need-of-the-archers bows all the time. You could also check out the Bowtech 2011 Invasion model which features of its IBO evaluation of 343 federal protective services, the Heartbreaker which is designed to fill in every woman archers needs in a bow and course the Assassin model which is the Ready. Aim. Kill. model that made Bowtech truly a formidable brand of quality and full-of- common- sense bows in the market. So grab your kill today – get your Bowtech 2011 bows now!

Bowtech General

Eugene, OR – Each year Field & Stream magazine recognizes the best outdoor equipment in its yearly Gear of the Year issue. For 2008, the judges acknowledged BowTech General as the “Best of the Best” in the bow category. Industry experts strictly field-tested and measured every view of the bow’s performance against its competitions and cautiously analyzed technology and craftsmanship while subjecting the bows to demanding trials.

As a result of its superior quality, design and performance, the General climbed above the competition. “We are much rewarded to have the General acknowledge as the ‘Best of the Best’. Innovation, quality and performance are values we strain for with every model we make,” says BowTech’s prexy and CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, John Strasheim. Products were separated into 11 major categories. Editors in charge of each category gathered expert test panels, gathered gear from manufacturers and chose testing locations.

They assessed hundreds of gear items points and lay all competitors through stringent tests to see what truly stood out as the best of the best. According to Field & Stream, “The General flung arrows accurately, systematically and with decent velocity.” Each bow examined was set up with a capture rest, a string nock and a draw weight of 70 pounds with a 29-inch draw length. Testers measured arrow swiftness through a chronograph and bow noise with a decibel meter.  

Next, they shot the bows and rated them from 1(low) to 10(high) on draw cycle, back wall, balance, hand shock (vibration) and overall performance. The judges were unanimous that felt recoil was almost nonexistent and declared The General, “Completely dead at the release…for folks who love to shoot a great-feeling bow, there’s nothing better.” BowTech Bow manufactures and distributes the world’s finest compound bows and archery equipment.

Founded in 1999, BowTech’s corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Eugene, Oregon. With a worldwide distribution network, BowTech’s family of brands include: BowTech, Diamond and Ross compound bows, Octane archery accessories, Stryker crossbows, Airow Gun and WaterDog Surface Technologies. BowTech is a wholly owned subsidiary of Savage Sports Corporation, located in Westfield. MA. Savage brands include Savage Arms, Stevens, Fox, Savage (Canada), Savage Range Systems and PortaTarget.

Bowtech made the General compound bow to do three things : snap silently, effortlessly, and be balanced from any angle. From all of the explanations I ‘ve seen, Bowtech won on all three counts. While you don’t hit the high end FPS speeds that you do with some of BowTech’s other bows, the Superior General more than makes up for it in swiftness, silence, and balance.

Bowtech Bow Admiral

A smart new addition to the BowTech fleet of Center Pivot bows. The Bowtech Admiral is the thinking man’s bow, a device came from thoughtful search technique and cutting edge field practices. It’s a whole lot of technology expeditiously packed into a tight 31 frame and its the perfect leader for tight tree stand or popular ground unsighted shooting positions.

The 2010 Bowtech Admiral adds the FLX Roller Guard to the Admiral. This gives us new tunability in an already super smoother, super quiet bow. This bow was one of our hottest vendors for 2009 and this year, they just made it better.

The Admiral returns in 2010 as the “Admiral FLX” and continues to render what many regard as the most “dead in the hand” shooting experience available in the archery industry. The Admiral FLX utilizes the FLX-Guard cable containment system which calls the tuning up outcomes of high cable tensity on today’s premium bows. The Admiral FLX has Center Pivot Technology, and keeps the unequaled versatility it is known for with its 31″ axle-to-axle length.

This is already one of our hottest marketing bows and we require the anticipate for these to continue to increase as more peoples find out just how magnificent this new bow really is. Every stroke you make will be rendered exactly as the last, since the risers do not bend like other bows. This means that it is easy to duplicate each and every shot since the conditions are exactly the same – no minor readjustments due to additional pressure, flexing, bending or such.

 The Bowtech Admiral has the following features; Axle-to-Axle 31 1/16 and Brace 7 ½. The Bowtech admiral is available in 24 – 30 inch draw. It has draw weights of 40, 50, 60, or 70 lbs. The BowTech admiral has a mass weight of 4.0lbs with IBO at 312-320. It has a Kinetic Energy at 79.6 fpe. Its adjustable letoff is at 65-80%.

Almost all of the clients who try this bow realize very promptly that this bow is “The Bow” that all others will be compared to. The Bowtech Admiral is not only one of the quietest but also the smoothest and most vibration free bows in the 2009 line up. The standoff duration adjustability and customizable valley give you the power to determine the valley up to your preference and shooting style.

The Bowtech bow would be first class for most, although rookies might find the cost a little off-putting. If you want to study the basics first this might be a bit out of your price range, although if you have the budget then you will look and feel like a pro very fast. For those that want accuracy and reliability this bow is a must have and is pitched towards professionals person and hunters alike.