The Ultimate Bow Technology Ever Developed

2006 Bowtech Allegiance

Have you ever wondered if your current bow could get any faster? Well wonder no more because the 2006 Bowtech Allegiance has the best record for velocity and accuracy compared with all other bow brands combined. The Bowtech Allegiance 2006 compared to its 2005 design has a built in 34″ axle-to-axle bow and an IBO swiftness of 338fps with a fast component set up that makes it unbelievably quicker and truly powerful.

You wouldn’t believe the reviews that this bow steel got from just the first three months since it was originally ejected and its rising to popularity is enough to win over even a seasoned archer to give it a try. I thought that my last bow was salient because I didn’t have any trouble with it but I was dazed by how effective the velocity of Bowtech Allegiance was!.

This is due to the improvement that Bowtech added to its modular cam system which is responsible the leisurely draw length characteristic which actually changes by changing the module mechanism without changing the cam itself. Plus the new Bowtech Allegiance is smoother with advanced smooth component that gives smoother draw every time.

It is quite an stunning bow to own and many Bowtech Bow proprietors are not really amazed to know about this because of the gratification they had with other Bowtech models. The Allegiance from my personal experience not only gives me the fastest, smoothest and strongest draw whether I am in practice shooting or actual hunting. You don’t believe me? Then try it out and see if it will not change your intellect likewise.


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