The Ultimate Bow Technology Ever Developed

Bowtech General

Eugene, OR – Each year Field & Stream magazine recognizes the best outdoor equipment in its yearly Gear of the Year issue. For 2008, the judges acknowledged BowTech General as the “Best of the Best” in the bow category. Industry experts strictly field-tested and measured every view of the bow’s performance against its competitions and cautiously analyzed technology and craftsmanship while subjecting the bows to demanding trials.

As a result of its superior quality, design and performance, the General climbed above the competition. “We are much rewarded to have the General acknowledge as the ‘Best of the Best’. Innovation, quality and performance are values we strain for with every model we make,” says BowTech’s prexy and CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, John Strasheim. Products were separated into 11 major categories. Editors in charge of each category gathered expert test panels, gathered gear from manufacturers and chose testing locations.

They assessed hundreds of gear items points and lay all competitors through stringent tests to see what truly stood out as the best of the best. According to Field & Stream, “The General flung arrows accurately, systematically and with decent velocity.” Each bow examined was set up with a capture rest, a string nock and a draw weight of 70 pounds with a 29-inch draw length. Testers measured arrow swiftness through a chronograph and bow noise with a decibel meter.  

Next, they shot the bows and rated them from 1(low) to 10(high) on draw cycle, back wall, balance, hand shock (vibration) and overall performance. The judges were unanimous that felt recoil was almost nonexistent and declared The General, “Completely dead at the release…for folks who love to shoot a great-feeling bow, there’s nothing better.” BowTech Bow manufactures and distributes the world’s finest compound bows and archery equipment.

Founded in 1999, BowTech’s corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Eugene, Oregon. With a worldwide distribution network, BowTech’s family of brands include: BowTech, Diamond and Ross compound bows, Octane archery accessories, Stryker crossbows, Airow Gun and WaterDog Surface Technologies. BowTech is a wholly owned subsidiary of Savage Sports Corporation, located in Westfield. MA. Savage brands include Savage Arms, Stevens, Fox, Savage (Canada), Savage Range Systems and PortaTarget.

Bowtech made the General compound bow to do three things : snap silently, effortlessly, and be balanced from any angle. From all of the explanations I ‘ve seen, Bowtech won on all three counts. While you don’t hit the high end FPS speeds that you do with some of BowTech’s other bows, the Superior General more than makes up for it in swiftness, silence, and balance.


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