The Ultimate Bow Technology Ever Developed

Bowtech Destroyer 340

Bowtech has proceeded to research and form modern engineerings to make a new Bowtech bow model unique and more efficient. The 2010 Bowtech Destroyer conveys us another bow with entirely new technology. Here are just some highlights. The hardcore limb is a amply laminated limb that makes unbelievable speeds.

The Bowtech bow destroyer is available in 340 and 350 version. The Bowtech Destroyer 340 is rated at 340fps and the Destroyer 350 is rated at 350fps. Some will say this is nothing new, but you would be wrong. Never before has a bow returned this much swiftness and still had and still had a smooth draw. Not only are these bow fantastically fast they are also very quiet and shock free. The add on of the FLX Roller Guard, another industriousness first, means you have a bow that tunes very easily. Stop in and see why this is one of our hottest sellers.

The Destroyer 350 was not designed as a velocity bow. It was designed to be accurate, shock-free and easy to draw. It just happens to be fast in no time. This unbelievable balance is completed using three new technologies : HardCore Limbs, OverDrive Binary and FLX-Guard. While most bowmen are forced to sell shootability for fastness, the Destroyer legitimately forks over both and keeps the “dead in the script” shot characteristic that BowTech is known for.
The draw cycle of the Bowtech bow is really impressive and is smooth building up to top out with an outstanding valley and no hump and solid back wall. No cam thin or limb pitch as some would put it. The stroke was quiet and no hand shock absorber.

The Bowtech bow Destroyer comes with solid limbs that have a carbon core called “hard core” limbs. They are equipped with “overdrive” Binary program cams which have 100 % tuneable split bus cables attached to the ends of the axle. The axles are n’t put on with axle pins that go through the limb ; they ride on top of the limb.

The bow comes with a string stoper and a roller cable guard called FLX which actually bends as the bow is reaped triming down the amount of torque that gets transfered to the riser with a traditional roller guard. This impressive Bowtech Destroyer is a not bad reinforcement to treat yourself. So go ahead snap up one now and live this amazing Bowtech Destroyer.


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