The Ultimate Bow Technology Ever Developed

Bowtech Bow Admiral

A smart new addition to the BowTech fleet of Center Pivot bows. The Bowtech Admiral is the thinking man’s bow, a device came from thoughtful search technique and cutting edge field practices. It’s a whole lot of technology expeditiously packed into a tight 31 frame and its the perfect leader for tight tree stand or popular ground unsighted shooting positions.

The 2010 Bowtech Admiral adds the FLX Roller Guard to the Admiral. This gives us new tunability in an already super smoother, super quiet bow. This bow was one of our hottest vendors for 2009 and this year, they just made it better.

The Admiral returns in 2010 as the “Admiral FLX” and continues to render what many regard as the most “dead in the hand” shooting experience available in the archery industry. The Admiral FLX utilizes the FLX-Guard cable containment system which calls the tuning up outcomes of high cable tensity on today’s premium bows. The Admiral FLX has Center Pivot Technology, and keeps the unequaled versatility it is known for with its 31″ axle-to-axle length.

This is already one of our hottest marketing bows and we require the anticipate for these to continue to increase as more peoples find out just how magnificent this new bow really is. Every stroke you make will be rendered exactly as the last, since the risers do not bend like other bows. This means that it is easy to duplicate each and every shot since the conditions are exactly the same – no minor readjustments due to additional pressure, flexing, bending or such.

 The Bowtech Admiral has the following features; Axle-to-Axle 31 1/16 and Brace 7 ½. The Bowtech admiral is available in 24 – 30 inch draw. It has draw weights of 40, 50, 60, or 70 lbs. The BowTech admiral has a mass weight of 4.0lbs with IBO at 312-320. It has a Kinetic Energy at 79.6 fpe. Its adjustable letoff is at 65-80%.

Almost all of the clients who try this bow realize very promptly that this bow is “The Bow” that all others will be compared to. The Bowtech Admiral is not only one of the quietest but also the smoothest and most vibration free bows in the 2009 line up. The standoff duration adjustability and customizable valley give you the power to determine the valley up to your preference and shooting style.

The Bowtech bow would be first class for most, although rookies might find the cost a little off-putting. If you want to study the basics first this might be a bit out of your price range, although if you have the budget then you will look and feel like a pro very fast. For those that want accuracy and reliability this bow is a must have and is pitched towards professionals person and hunters alike.


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