The Ultimate Bow Technology Ever Developed


Diamond Bowtech Bows

Diamond Bowtech is one of the most sought after bows in the market and do you want to know why? Its because the Diamond Bowtech mixes superior quality and top of the line designs that even the most hard to please archer could not say no thereto.
I tried it out of curiosity since many of my archer buddies are wild about the Diamond Bowtech’s performance and sure enough the experience was nothing short of superb. It was surprisingly quiet you will forget you are even fire a stroke and the best thing I like about it is it brings forth very little vibration – almost close to not feeling any – which is what I am always looking for in my choice of bows.

Now looking close at the Diamond Bowtech I found out that it has a built in vibrating softening midpoint pin riser technology which is what makes it truly vibration free. Plus you wouldnt believe how super lightweight it is ; Diamond Bowtech fashioned a particular kinda aluminum that is not only long lasting but allows the bow to keep its structure intact by keeping back its forgering process.

Take for example the Iceman Diamond Bow – its super lightweight, very forgiving, long wearing and surprisingly stable that you are guaranteed a perfect shot each time. And it has an adjustment lineament that allows you to share your Diamond Bow with members of your family or even with your archer buddies without decreasing its unbelievable winning features. Now isnt that great news for archer fanatics like us?! So, tread into your nearest Bowtech Bow store now and have for yourself the Diamond Bowtech line for improved archery performance.


2006 Bowtech Allegiance

Have you ever wondered if your current bow could get any faster? Well wonder no more because the 2006 Bowtech Allegiance has the best record for velocity and accuracy compared with all other bow brands combined. The Bowtech Allegiance 2006 compared to its 2005 design has a built in 34″ axle-to-axle bow and an IBO swiftness of 338fps with a fast component set up that makes it unbelievably quicker and truly powerful.

You wouldn’t believe the reviews that this bow steel got from just the first three months since it was originally ejected and its rising to popularity is enough to win over even a seasoned archer to give it a try. I thought that my last bow was salient because I didn’t have any trouble with it but I was dazed by how effective the velocity of Bowtech Allegiance was!.

This is due to the improvement that Bowtech added to its modular cam system which is responsible the leisurely draw length characteristic which actually changes by changing the module mechanism without changing the cam itself. Plus the new Bowtech Allegiance is smoother with advanced smooth component that gives smoother draw every time.

It is quite an stunning bow to own and many Bowtech Bow proprietors are not really amazed to know about this because of the gratification they had with other Bowtech models. The Allegiance from my personal experience not only gives me the fastest, smoothest and strongest draw whether I am in practice shooting or actual hunting. You don’t believe me? Then try it out and see if it will not change your intellect likewise.

Compound Bow Maintainence

As a mechanical device, your new or used compound bow expects occasional reviews to determine whether it needs any registrations and service due to normal depreciation. You should pay especial tending to : axle, lubrication of axle bushings, spacers, bowed stringed instruments, e-clips, cables, rise and limbs. Below are helpful directions on how to maintain and take proper care of your new or used compound bow.

You should, regularly, shell out a light finish of bowstring wax to your stringed instruments and cables. You will need to use an easy application of bow string waxevery fortnight at least to keep them working at their best and protect them from damage. You should do this at least once every two weeks during periods of frequent use. When considering which wax to buy it is worth paying additional for a high quality brand rather than poor choices as it will pay for itself in the end and you will usually get more from the strings and cables this way.

Your bowstring wax should be the highest quality available to ensure long life and durability. The wax will ensure that your bow’s cables and strings are in tip top shape. Strings and cables should be replaced every two years or when wear becomes evident for your bow to achieve top performance. You should avoid shoddy cables and strings, using them will not only alter how your bow performs but can also damage it.

They will most likely need replacing each year or 2 yrs, but be sure to check them routinely for symptoms of depreciation or weaknesses. As soon as you discover this, it is time to get them replaced. This requires a especial bow press and you will need to take it to a professional to do this.

Every 1500 to 2000 shots, you should apply a small spot of lube on the axles (it should be placed where they pass through the eccentric). If you have been using your bow in poor conditions–excessive moisture, dust and dirt–then you should apply lubrication every day. You should purchase a lubrication that is based on Teflon, silicone or quality grease. You should avoid “penetrating oils” like WD-40, Fast Break, and EZ#7 to name a few.

The axles will need to have some special lubricant applied every 1000-2000 shots. The lubricant should be Teflon or silicon based if possible or quality grease. Lubricating oils like WD-40 will harm the bow so keep away from them – they can also collect dust and dirt which will reduce the performance.

The centershot calibration is the fine tuning of the shot upon the power path of the string, and will keep your bow accurate. This is quite easy to adjust and all you need to do is displace the arrow repose either to the left or the right dependanding on where it sits at the moment. A release shooter should line up the shot with the power path of the string. Finger shooters though will need to place their shot so the tip is a slightly outside the string’s power path.

These Compound Bow Maintenance tips will keep your bow shooting as good as it did when you first got it. If in uncertainty you can always take it to a professional to do this for you, but try and teach yourself as it only takes a couple of moments to do every now and again.

Bowtech Captain

The Bowtech Captain continues to deliver what many regard as the most “dead in the hand” shooting experience available in the archery industry. Utilizing the traditional cable roller guard, Center Pivot Technology and its 34″ axle-to-axle length, the Captain continues the perfect balance of velocity, performance and stability.

The Captain of the BowTech squad understands balance. It takes you to experience with raw power and apparent stability. Then it sets you at ease with its Center Pivot and CenterTrac Binary Cam System. It’s the perfect combination of performance, silence and speed. 

Bowtech Captain has the following features: an Axle-to-Axle at 34; Brace 7; IBO 315-323; Kinetic Energy at 81.6 fpe; Adjustable Letoff at 65-80%; it has a Centertrack Binary Cam System and Rotating Mod System. The Bowtech captain is available in 24 – 30 inch draw. It has a draw weight of 50, 60 or 70 lbs. 

With the Bowtech captain, you can’t think just about raising the bar. You have to try and reshape it a whole new way. That’s the thinking behind our latest Center Pivot Riser Technology. It begins with a single-piece riser crafted of forged aluminum and then machined into shape. Striking, eye-catching cut-outs and bevelled edges remove excess material to eliminate unwanted weight while maintaining the strength and integrity of the forging process. The riser then meets the split limbs near the center point in a Zero Tolerance Assembly Process. And zero tolerance guarantees no slop precision. You get more strength, virtually no horizontal torque or vibration and, with the deflexed design, consistent accuracy shot after shot. 

Just so you know, with every Captain bought, BowTech will donate a portion of the payoffs to Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors T.A.P.S. is a Veteran Service Organization that assists and consoles hundreds of American families who have tragically lost their loved ones in the military forces. 

So take hold of your Bowtech Captain now and feel what it takes to do archery with the perfect functionality and aesthetic entreaty of the Bowtech Captain. Above all, you can be a part of this great cause of helping hundreds of American families who have lost their loved ones in the military forces.

Bowtech Guardian

BowTech Bowshas made their mark on the archery industry over the past few years with bows that are not only tight but also quiet and almost shock free. 

The Bowtech Guardian was a brand new bow released by Bowtech in 2007. Completely redesigned to increase velocity, cut down noise and improve balance, the Bowtech Guardian was thought by many experts to be the best compound bow made in 2007 by Bowtech and possibly out of all the top line bow manufacturers. 

Let us take a close look at the BowTech “Guardian”, a bow that BowTech titles is intended to “cater the ultimate bow hunting experience mixing the values of Center Pivot and CenterTrac binary systems that provide superior comfort and performance”.

Bowtech Guardian has the following specifications: Brace height at 7-1/8 inches; Draw weight at 50, 60 and 70 pounds; # Draw Lengths: 25-30.5 inches; Axle to Axle at 33.75 inches; Mass Weight of 4.2lbs; Speed Mod IBO at 321-329fps; Kinetic Energy at 81.6 fpe and an Adjustable Letoff at 65-80%. 

The Bowtech Guardian is made a lot different than any other bow that you will have ever shot. Not only does the bow have parallel limbs, but also in the middle it has a limb type roller, which Bowtech call center pivot/riser technology. This allows the limb to flex and bend in the middle versus all through the limb. The center-limb bracing point, spreads load evenly, ridding of the typical “diving board” effect. 

The riser is made from forged Aluminum, which keeps the grain strength of the original alloy. There are no worries about a possible fracture from a inexpensive piece of aluminum here. The handle is a two piece wood handgrip. The Limbs are parallel and used something called Vertical Force Technology. Upon release of an arrow, the force is distributed evenly throughout the limb, which results in lower hand shock and vibration. The cams are the binary cams that Bowtech Bow is famous for. However, the cams on the Guardian are Centertrac Binary cams. This puts equal cable tension on both sides of the cam, placing the bowstring in the center track. This results in zero lean on your cam and greater consistency with your shots. 

You can attempt to formalise these statements as you position the Bowtech Guardian to the test.

Bowtech Destroyer 340

Bowtech has proceeded to research and form modern engineerings to make a new Bowtech bow model unique and more efficient. The 2010 Bowtech Destroyer conveys us another bow with entirely new technology. Here are just some highlights. The hardcore limb is a amply laminated limb that makes unbelievable speeds.

The Bowtech bow destroyer is available in 340 and 350 version. The Bowtech Destroyer 340 is rated at 340fps and the Destroyer 350 is rated at 350fps. Some will say this is nothing new, but you would be wrong. Never before has a bow returned this much swiftness and still had and still had a smooth draw. Not only are these bow fantastically fast they are also very quiet and shock free. The add on of the FLX Roller Guard, another industriousness first, means you have a bow that tunes very easily. Stop in and see why this is one of our hottest sellers.

The Destroyer 350 was not designed as a velocity bow. It was designed to be accurate, shock-free and easy to draw. It just happens to be fast in no time. This unbelievable balance is completed using three new technologies : HardCore Limbs, OverDrive Binary and FLX-Guard. While most bowmen are forced to sell shootability for fastness, the Destroyer legitimately forks over both and keeps the “dead in the script” shot characteristic that BowTech is known for.
The draw cycle of the Bowtech bow is really impressive and is smooth building up to top out with an outstanding valley and no hump and solid back wall. No cam thin or limb pitch as some would put it. The stroke was quiet and no hand shock absorber.

The Bowtech bow Destroyer comes with solid limbs that have a carbon core called “hard core” limbs. They are equipped with “overdrive” Binary program cams which have 100 % tuneable split bus cables attached to the ends of the axle. The axles are n’t put on with axle pins that go through the limb ; they ride on top of the limb.

The bow comes with a string stoper and a roller cable guard called FLX which actually bends as the bow is reaped triming down the amount of torque that gets transfered to the riser with a traditional roller guard. This impressive Bowtech Destroyer is a not bad reinforcement to treat yourself. So go ahead snap up one now and live this amazing Bowtech Destroyer.

Bowtech 2011 Bows

Before Bowtech discharged its 2011 Bowtech Bow lines I thought the world would never see better bows that could satisfy the most critical bowman in the world. But I could never be more wrong because the 2011 Bowtech bow lines are just just awesome and truly incredible at what they could volunteer whether on shooting gallery or in search scenes of action. The Bowtech bow 2011 roles model would not only blow your nouses you wouldnt be able to believe what the bows could do to change your game.

I purchased myself the Assassin 2011 and it made my strokes even more exact, faster and entirely smoother its truly an Assassin to have on your hands! Plus the Assassin is truly lightweight at 3.8 pounds which gives a truly unbelievable fastness of 333 federal protective services. How else could other bows beat that? I also love how there is completely no oscillation in the least after every liberation and it remains that way despite frequent freeings even at different standoff lengths.

I’m sure bowmen would find out those characteristics highly significant because any little oscillation changes the truth of strokes and the additional tension it goes forth your body gets found after the game so no oscillation is full news for archers. Bowtech has really trumped itself with its 2011 bow frameworks but because their new freeings are truly innovative and are truly made to match the desires of the archers. 
Its like their ears are glued to every wish of different types of archers that is why the Bowtech 2011 line up presents the best and most in tuned-to-the-need-of-the-archers bows all the time. You could also check out the Bowtech 2011 Invasion model which features of its IBO evaluation of 343 federal protective services, the Heartbreaker which is designed to fill in every woman archers needs in a bow and course the Assassin model which is the Ready. Aim. Kill. model that made Bowtech truly a formidable brand of quality and full-of- common- sense bows in the market. So grab your kill today – get your Bowtech 2011 bows now!